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Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum , The state of the art computer laboratory with 100 systems is very popular among the students. Students are trained to learn the latest software applications and programming languages. The school offers computer education from Class 1 to Class 12. Highly qualified teachers impart the knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age. A dedicated broadband Internet connection in the lab provides Internet access to source websites for educational materials. Computer sessions and Internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions.

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The Science lab also provides an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. Under the professional guidance and assistance given by our science teachers. Students are also encouraged to exhibit their innovative powers by developing samples and models.

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There are numerous preserved biological specimens to observe and study, widening the exposure of students to the world of Biology.

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The state of the art equipment for Physics allows students to perform experiments and study various principles and laws. The facilities and wide range of chemicals and apparatus allow the students a hands-on experience in learning Chemistry.

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This helps develop interest and curiosity in students towards various branches of Mathematics through practical understanding and applications.

'Learning by doing' forms the basis for all activities in the lab. Teaching aids and technology assisted learning, help the student understand difficult concepts and work with ease.

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With the use of innovative and creative aids, children acquire language skills at their own pace. Technology assisted and activity based training motivate students to learn without any stress.

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